1. I’m a submissive sissy transgender girl who craves to be completely exposed and humiliated and punished for pretending to be a man who is straight when I’m a transitioning woman and I want to be completely feminine with my masculinity completely gone and replaced with my feminine body

  2. Thanks for exposing me on the full sissy page it is brilliant can I get exposed with a sissy ID card too? Do I send one to you would love one up there as well…thanks

  3. Love your work I love my exposure card.
    Looking forward to having some more of my sissy media uploaded.
    Love Traceylove1

  4. i love this site and it’s pages . . so so many amazing sissies decorating it’s pages and decorating our lives and our world! it is such an honor to be posted, displayed, exhibited and seen on its pages and to be seen anywhere in the world and by anyne in the world . . .i really need to ge my act together to submit my own pics and words and bio to be-cum part of this most prestigious and elite and beautiful gathering of sissies!

  5. i adore these “Sissy ID Cards” . . i have a few of “me” exposed on “ExposeAsissy” pages and on my twitter page (but Twitter locked me and i am hoping to be-cum un-locked again soon) . . . and now i hope to have one that exposes, exhibits and displays me on this captivating site and pages , , ,from the ID Cards and pics appearing here i’d be in the absolute best and most elite company ever!

  6. March 12 2022, 7:30 AM, Day 2, Sissy Cycle 101, Sissy Intensity 285 and rising: There is no way to stop this ever ongoing flip flopping back into Sissy and back out, it is intermittent and fluctuates both in duration and intensity. Once I SissyMmarsha is out Kram dissolves into the distant path barely a thought about his life for the next while. Chasity prolongs my Sissy Cycle. Lets see where this goes. have to go check in later xoxox Mmarsha! Today is my sissy desires re so out of control by expressing this i hope to tame them,but that will be daddys job or Daddies job see “ball drainer link below>>>>>. All I know right now is that I am on a one way trip down a sissy rabbit hole no chance of ever escaping!!!!! Just have to try and get through today. It really all started innocently enough my friend showed me how his new kitten like to lick his bigger that aversize cock, then asked if I could do better at it and become his new boi pussy. I loved the taste of his cock right from the beginning so he had no trouble in training me to master his huge succulent cock! My spare time was filled like my ass with his huge member and then another friend found out and for a while there was two of them. The summer of 71 was cock filled! I kept it on the hush hush side,but one day my cousins must of senesced my new sissy beginnings they started to dress and put makeup on me they spent a lot of time apply a generou potion of pink listic to my feminine lips making them look fuller the bee stung look. One they had completed their Sissification of me, I looked in the mirror and did not recognise the sexy beautiful sissy slut looking back at me. OK so my cock sucking training continued sometimes two of them and then one day eight of them! yes eight! Decided to pile on top of me seeling my fate as a sissy cock sleeve.
    1:00PM this day is like a tidal wave

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