Michelle Keating

My name is Michelle, I’m also known as michelleksissy on many sites.
I have been dressing as a woman since I was about 10. I love to post pics and vids of myself on-line doing naughty things. I love to suck cock and be treated as the woman at all times during sex. Love feeling a cock in my ass and fucking me deep. I’m married to a woman but don’t ever have sex with her, well at least not for 12 years as I’m not attracted to women in a sexual way. Would love to  be a live in wife for a real man and please him in all ways.

Name: Michelle Keating
Age: 50
Location: London UK
Twitter: @michelleksissy
Flickr: michelleksissy
Xhamster: michelleksissy
Facebook: michellekeatin
ImageFap: michelleksissy


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