Roxy Smith

I am Roxy a single sissy crossdresser from Cheshire who was cuckolded and made bi by ex partner. I dress mostly as a sissy maid but I am now building my wardrobe. I enjoy BDSM and enjoy water-sports as a fetish. I spend a lot of time now in chastity as I have a four inch cock. I haven’t had pussy for over two years and will remain pussy free and in chastity. I am interested in alpha guys over forty and love sucking cock. I watch sissy hypno regularly and sissy porn but not heterosexual porn any more unless it involves femdom, dommes and cuckoldresses.

Name: Roxy Smith
Age: 49
Location: Chesire, UK
Twitter: @roxysissygurl
Xhamster: Roxysissycd
Fetlife: roxysissygurl
Kik: roxysissygurl


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