Hi I’m Radmila, a part time sissy slut for over 15 years. In the past few years I have almost fully embraced my beta boy destiny and made a big progress towards a full time crossdressing life. Staying pussy free for over 3 years now and wearing a chastity cage watching a lot of sissy hypno vids daily has pushed me closer to my fully feminized faggot goal. Sissy exposure will finally ensure that I do not turn back to false manhood and they will totally present me for what I am truly. A Cock craving whore for real men. 

Name: Radmila
Age: 36
Location: Serbia
Twitter: @radmilasisy
Xhamster: radmilasissy
BDSMLR: radmilasissy
Imagefap: radmilasissy


  1. Hola acabo de ver tus fotos me encantan. Tambien soy marica de armario y me gusta mucho la verga hasta exprimirla toda.

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