Maid Teri

Maid Teri began dressing up at around five years of age after being caught wearing her mother’s stockings while playing dress up. She loves all things feminine and enjoys wearing perfume, wigs, makeup, pretty sissy panties, lingerie, silky black stockings, stiletto heels and wearing sexy flirty French maid uniforms.

This submissive sissy maid enjoys being plugged and placed in chastity and locked into a sexy flirty French maid uniform for hours. She thoroughly enjoys sissification, feminization, being exposed and humiliated online for all to see! She is well under way to enter into a world of complete feminine servitude and obedience as a household’s perfect sissy housemaid.

Name: Maid Teri
Age: 62
Location: Saskatoon, Sk Canada
Twitter: @Maid_Teri
Xhamster: Teri022

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