Sissy Michelle

My male name is Johnathon and I’m currently owned by an Alpha Dom, who is sissifying me to take cock more and more as Sissy Michelle. I am forced to service cocks most days and must show proof of completion with pictures and videos which are then used as further blackmail to continue my sissification.  

I am locked in a Head Lock Cherry Keeper chastity cage by my Master. He doesn’t allow me to cum unless it is due to my sissy ass being used with chastity cage still locked on.

Lately I’ve been craving online exposure more and more. To have my sissy pictures out there for everyone to see, save, re-tweet or repost as they wish. To have my sissy pictures emailed and texted to me throughout the day.

Being told how much of a sissy I am and how the pictures are being reposted everywhere is a craving my locked sissy clit has. Please expose me as the sissy slut that I am so that there will be no going back!

Name: Sissy Michelle
Age: 28
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Twitter: @sissyjohnathon
Kik: chastesissy91
Phone: 504-616-1547

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