Sissy Sarah

I am a totally submissive sissy who loves to be humiliated and used by dom men & women. I have been wearing women’s clothes and undies since I was about 9 years old, beginning with my mums underwear. I was very lucky as she was a small woman. I’ve never been able to stop and have been meeting men for sex since I was in my teens, I am now 55 years old. I love to be Dominated and will always do as I’m told. I love trying BDSM and have no real taboos. Let me be your sex doll and use me anyway you wish. I love dogging and can be found pleasing guys at local dogging sites. Also willing to be pimped out to earn you money as your live-in whore.

Name: Sissy Sarah (Jamie)
Age : 55
Location: Wiltshire UK
Twitter: @tvsarahyours

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