Sissy Sammi

I have always known I am really a submissive sissy. I started dressing up in my sister’s panties and bra and then started to buy my own, going into shops dressed as a guy and buying panties was a little embarrassing at first but exciting. Then I started buying dildos, but plugs, chastity cages, collars and leashes so I could really start showing what a submissive sissy slave I am on webcam.

I love meeting dominant guys who can use me as their slave. I have never wasted a drop of cum and always drink it all up. I love nothing better than having a big hard dick explode in my mouth and swallowing it all. If I miss a drop, I will lick it up from the floor. 

I particularly love dominant black men and love submitting to a BBC. I think it is a sissy’s ultimate fantasy and destiny.

I have been wearing chastity on and off for about 5 years now and love seeing how my clitty is getting smaller and smaller. 

I love receiving messages from people who have seen my photos exposed and love it even more when horny guys tribute my photos. Please send tributes to my email.

My goal is to become a fully feminized sissy by taking HRT. If you can help me on my journey to full feminization and exposure I’d love to hear from you, especially if you’re a dom/domme looking for a sissy slave. 

Name: Sissy Sammi
Age: 29
Location: London
Twitter: @SissySammiLDN1
Reddit: SissySammiLondon

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