Vera Ramirez

I’m a flexible CS/gender-fluid person but as I’ve matured, I’ve really grown attracted to the sissy lifestyle in particular. I love guys/girls/cd who are not afraid to emasculate and humiliate me. I like going out en femme or performing on camera. My biggest fantasy is to have a guy record me while he takes my feminine virginity whispering emasculating things into my ear as he strips me of my manhood. Or getting bukkaked and forced to walk home!

Name: Vera Ramirez
Age: 31
Location: Baltimore


  1. I’m Mistress Victoria by name, Seeking for a serious obedient submissive slave Sissy loyal slave to be own and collar by me in the BDSM lifestyle again. Email me or. Google chat or add Or K I K Domme_goddess1

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