Jenna Fab

I am a married sissy faggot cum slut. I love sucking any cock and getting fucked like a slut. I walk truck stops offering truckers free blow jobs and sex. I want to outed to everyone who knows me so I can never escape my purpose of being a total sissy faggot slut!

Name: Jenna Fab
Age: 41
Location: Airdrie, Alberta, Canada
Xhamster: SissyJennaFab77
Twitter: @DarcyFuckpig


  1. Hi Jena Mmarsha from Ontario HRU
    Day 19 forever sissy! Dec 7 2022 at 12:00 AM: Still here oh my whats a gurl to do!!!! Oh well lets see what sissy things happen today, oh my look at this yummy hunk of BBC!

    There seems no end to this final sissy wave I am now sissy for life. I just know it down deep inside and I won’t go back to my old life. I love being sissy so much more than I could of ever imagined. I know now deep deep inside I am a sissy. I accept it and rejoice in it. 7:28 AM Full sissy I am, full sissy I will remain, full sissy is the new me and its been a long time cuming. Cum intended ha ha. Today is so fucking sissy intense I feel so sissified through out every cell of my sissy body. OMG I love it and yet I know it is so cra cra!

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