Tiffany Publicslut

Our filthiest, nastiest sissy slut yet. Tiffany Publicslut is a group slut for men only!

She resides in London UK but any group of men can pay travel expenses to have her shipped to you. You can all then use her hard for an extended period of time. You could also whore her out to individuals to re-coup your travel expenses. She is hard core, with few limits. She is a group slut only! A minimum of six. Maximum can be discussed.

She needs to have a steel collar and chain placed around her and then to be kept captive just to serve men and cock. She is genuine, this is not  fantasy, if you arrange for her group use and abuse she will be there. Just keep her fed, watered and fucked. All ages and races of nasty men served. She needs to extract cum for extended periods, bound and unable to refuse. Her body is smooth, her nails are long, her hair is her own and very long. Enough to grab hold of as you face fuck her or ride her arse hole.

She has a slim, mature body and an eager mouth and arse hole. She loves cock inside her. She will love Your cock and you will love her holes and submissive nature. Remember though, only use her hard and nasty. She has hundreds more pictures on the free website and Xhamster profile.

Arrangement can be made for you to obtain and keep her as a captive sex slave (for free) by emailing:

Individual men please do not write, she is a group slut only!

Name: Tiffany Publicslut
Age: 46
Location: London
Xhamster: tiffany_anal_tgirl


  1. My idol !!!

    I’d so love to have this confidence and power. What a fantastic slut, I’m so jealous….and now I’m just aching to have some cum in my belly.

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