Brianna Kaylee Blackburn

I am a full-time sissy of five years. On hormones and on the way to getting breast implants. I love going on grinder for random cock. I am always willing to serve any alpha cock. I have even changed my name legally.  I’m a true sissy slut.

Name: Brianna Kaylee Blackburn
Age: 35
Location: Somerville, New Jersey
FaceBook: briemode85
FetLife: Brie_mode
Xhamster: Brie_mode
Twitter: @sissy_brie


  1. What a sissy you should be serving cock everyday! You should also have your balls removed so you can just focus on serving alpha men and amusing alpha women.

  2. I do hope to have balls removed. I do server alpha men already and want to amuse alpha women

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