Angie Limplittle

My name is Angie. I am a lifelong closeted homosexual living a straight life as a happy husband but there is a huge whole in my life without a Dominant Daddy to serve sexually. I had an ongoing sexual affair with another guy from ages 16-19. I was 100% bottom in that relationship and thoroughly enjoyed sucking his cock in the feminine role although I was embarrassed and humiliated by it.

I went “straight” over that guilt, embarrassment and self-humiliation when I turned 20. But the need to be feminine returned so I have been an on and off crossdresser since age 27. But I have been committed to realizing my full sissy potential for the last 5+ years. I am a true exhibitionist with a limp little sissy cock that even my wife refers to as a “clit”.

So I know I am a natural “bottom” born to the role. I love being exposed online and get off on all the comments I receive from real men that want to make my dreams come true by completely feminizing me, plugging my pussy, locking my tiny clit in a chastity cage and putting me in a collar on a leash as their submissive sissy bitch. The first man to do that to me will own me for life.

Name: Angie Limplittle
Age: 50+
Location: USA
Imagefap: SissyGurlCollector
Xhamster: Catnip11
Fetlife: 2997138
ClubSissy: Sissy
Kik: CDAngieDarling

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