Bria Lynn

Hello, my sissy name is Bria Lynn. I’m a 27 year old cock loving, crossdressing sissy from Halifax, NS, Canada, looking to be exposed, humiliated and to become the laughing stock of my home town and local neighbourhood.  I have been secretly wearing girls clothing since I was  around 7 or 8 years old and over the years my urges to be more feminine have grown stronger to the point I can’t control them any more. 

I’ve denied it long enough and can no longer pretend I’m some manly man when in fact I’m a raging, flaming sissy faggot and I think it’s time the world knows it. So I Bria Lynn, aka Bradley Moulton, ask that I be shared all over the internet and social media for the world to see me as the true pathetic, crossdressing sissy I am!  Feel free to blackmail me, degrade me or whatever you deem fit!

Name: Bria Lynn
Age: 27
Location: Halifax, NS, Canada
Twitter: @Nikkississy
Instagram: @mizz_bria_lynn

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