Ryan Kei

Ryan Kei is a long time cross-dressing, sissy fag with few limits and even less shame! He loves fem-boys, kinky daddies, pervy sissies, cute butts and big cock! He gets a thrill at being exposed and humiliated. Please contact me.

Name: Ryan Kei 
Location: Philadelphia, PA, USA
Kik: kei.ohbother 
Twitter: @KOhbother


  1. Hey girlfriend! Long time no chat. I see we both got exposed on this fabulous site! Angie

  2. Gawd, you’re sexy. Gay Crossdressers make the best “girlfriends”. I just love the shot of you in lingerie with the limp wrists, so totally gay and femme. Any straight guy would consider himself lucky to have you as his “girlfriend”….

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