Tracey Baxter

I am a mature submissive sissy that enjoys to dress sexy for men. I am a total slut that enjoys being used  by men. As a submissive sissy, I freely let myself be used by men. I love cock and enjoy anal sex if I am the one receiving. I enjoy group sex, bondage, older men, fetish clothing and role play. I am exposed all over the internet as Traceylove1.

Name: Tracey Baxter
Age: 56
Location: Melbourne & Sydney, Australia
Twitter: @Traceylove110
Xhamster: Traceylove1
TvChix: Traceylove1
Birchplace: Traceylove1


  1. Thank you for exposing me on your web pages as a Sissy that loves cock. I hope people check out my other pictures on the other sites. I am a Sissy Slut and love comments from men and other Sissy’s. Love Sissy Traceylove1

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