I am a pathetic sissy whose only purpose in life is to serve cock, get exposed and be humiliated. For this to happen, I need the help from dominant men and women to keep me sissified. I believe that this exposure will get me one step closer to my ultimate humiliation goal of getting recognized by someone who knows me, especially my ex girlfriend. Please save and repost my photos all over the internet so that in case I get cold feet, my sissy exposure stays online forever!

Name: Sissynthiia
Age: 25
Location: Colombia & Mexico
Kik: @sissynthiia
Twitter: @sissynthiia
Freakden: @sissynthiia
Xhamster: Sissynthiia


  1. You are totally hot. I’d give anything to be you. I will share and expose you as much as possible, you are a beautiful sissy slut

  2. I would love to walk you out on a leash in clothes like this and make you ask random guys to fuck your whory face!! After you would have sucked 5 guys, i would fuck you in your sissy pussy, behind some dirty dumpster

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