Bria Lynn

Hello, my sissy name is Bria Lynn. I’m a 27 year old panty wearing, cock loving, crossdressing sissy from Halifax, NS, Canada, who is looking to be exposed, humiliated and to become the laughing stock of my home town and local neighbourhood. 

I’ve been secretly wearing girls clothing ever since the young age of 6 when I tried on my first ever girls swimsuit and have been hooked ever since.  Over the years I would wear friends, cousins, girlfriends and pretty much anyone’s sexy clothing I could get my hands on.  

I’ve hidden who I truly am for long enough and can no longer pretend I’m some manly man when in fact, behind closed doors I’m a raging, flaming, sissy faggot and I think it’s time the world knows it. So I Bria Lynn, aka Bradley Moulton, ask that I be shared all over the internet and social media for the world to see me as the true pathetic, crossdressing sissy I am!

Name: Bria Lynn
Age: 27
Location: Halifax, NS, Canada
Twitter: @Nikkississy


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