Sissy Lizzy

Hello I’m a 25 year old submissive sissy with a fetish for crossdressing and forced feminization. I love humiliation, chastity, exposure and soft bdsm. I would love to see some humiliating captions made from my Photos. I’ve had little experience with men and none with ladies, so I’m hoping to make up for it in the near future though I’m more interested in being dominated than vanilla relationships. My biggest fantasy is serving a dominant couple while feminized and locked up in chastity.

Name: Sissy Lizzy
Age: 25
Location: Slovenia, Ljubljana
Kik: vacantwhore


  1. mmm well I dont realy like the taste… but I guess thats sort of the point; Its an acquired taste xD Being on my knees and looking you in the eye with my submissive look as Im forced to slowly swallow it.. savoring every drop 😉

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