Jacey Martinez

Hi, I’m Jacey Martinez also known as Sissy Jay Vivien. I’m a fit and very horny, mixed race sissy. I love being a sissy whenever I get the opportunity and I love, love LOVE Cock! As a sissy I totally understand my purpose in life is to make myself as sexy as possible for men so they want to fuck me so I can serve them and their big, heavy dicks. I love cock of all colours and sizes, not just the big black ones (but they’re great too).

I love to suck, deep throat and gag on cock. My favourite is getting extra messy with spit and sucking on big full balls. I love to have my hot little ass spanked extra hard and I’m built to be fucked in every position, even better when I’m locked up in chastity with a bottle of poppers nearby. But most of all I love to feel hot salty cum on face and down my throat. If you need to pee after, please do it all over me. I want to be exposed because I deserve it and everyone should know what a horny little sissy I am.

Name: Jacey Martinez
Age: 28
Location: London
SissyFace: JaceyM


  1. You have a sweet little body that looks hot in a dress and lingerie…any guy would consider himself lucky to have you as his “girlfriend”, even if you are a guy.

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