Braeley Luscious

Hello, my name is Braeley Luscious. I’m a 38-year-old dude who enjoys wearing women’s clothing. I live in the North End of Halifax NS Canada. My friends & family have no clue that for many years I’ve been a cross-dressing sissy who secretly enjoys sucking on the occasional, anonymous, dick. I also love online exposure as it’s a very thrilling yet terrifying experience. I have multiple “sissy” social media accounts in which I added almost everyone who knows me, without any of them yet to realize that I’m not actually a chick.  It’s so fun having friends comment on my slutty pictures and asking for dates, boy if they only knew lol.

I guess ever since the young age of 6 when I tried on my first ever girls swimsuit, a part of me knew that I would grow to love wearing women’s clothing. As the years went on my urges to dress up became stronger. I would wear friends, cousins, girlfriends and pretty much anyone’s girlie clothing I could get my hands on. I’ve become addicted to dressing up like a slut. Eventually I grew tired of dressing up just to sit scouring in the confines of my home, and so I decided to take the show on the road.  Dressing up as slutty as possible, covering up with a baggy jogging suit, and heading to the nearest public park in the early morning hours to strip myself of the joggers and walk around freely like a street hooker, boy what a rush!

After several years of my outdoor adventures and pushing the limits as to how far in the city I can travel all dressed up, the rush became less, and so I needed to find my next thrill. And then came along Grindr. I mean talking to strangers online, sending them sexy pics and getting tons of compliments, I found what every sissy dreams of. And so then one day I finally built up the courage and decided to let a guy come over to my place, so I could suck his dick while dressed up the sluttiest I’ve ever been. Talk about a rush, the moment I opened my door to this complete stranger I was “out of this world” nervous and completely terrified and yet overwhelmed with joy as I was about to suck my very first ever dick. 

And so after all these years of seeking thrill after thrill I’ve finally found my calling. Sissy cocksucking Hoe. I guess the only way to make this an even bigger thrill would be if maybe  a female who knows me somehow comes across this post, uses it to blackmail me into being her prostitute. Now the thought of being found out, and being Pimped out by a women, well I think that would be the ultimate thrill seek of a lifetime. Having her arrange to have men come over and have their way with me, all while she collects all of the cash, and all I receive out of these encounters is a mouthful of cum, and the humiliation of knowing I’m no longer a man, but a pathetic little cocksucking bitch.  Ouch, I could only imagine if anyone who actually knows me, ever found out about any of this.

Name: Braeley Luscious
Age: 38
Location: Halifax NS, Canada
Twitter: @Nikkississy

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