Lisa Piaget

Trans Sissy Slut Lisa Piaget, I wish to be owned by a Dom master in the UK who can control and break me.

I’ am caged 24/7 destroying my clitty and on hormones. I have been exposed online making me so desperate to suck hard cocks and feel them squirting hot spunk down my throat as well as in my pussy. Now I’m willing to risk the total destruction by sharing my sissy images online.

I know I will be totally ruined if my friends, family and work colleagues see me this way but I’m so horny and will glady risk it if it helps me pull more hung stud.

Although mostly devoted to black men, I gladly serve groups of white guys and use my body relentlessly. I love BDSM and being tied down and feeling helpless while gangs of horny men fuck me, then fist my gaping holes.

I’ am happiest when down on my knees with cocks abusing me. I love being watched, filmed and live streamed whilst I milk big cocks with my blow job lips.

I know I was born to be a limp-dicked sissy and that my true role in life is to satisfy the giant cocks of more masculine men. So that’s what I will carry on doing even if it means me getting a reputation as a filthy sissy whore.

Name: Lisa Piaget
Age: 45
Location: South East London
Fetlife: Lisa Piaget
Tumblr: Lisa Piaget
Xhamster: Lisa Piaget
Twitter: @LisaPiaget


  1. come call me master and be my total slave for cooking cleaning getting my shopping and of course youll be a sex doll for a 10 inch bbc to ruin that fat sissy cunt you look like you love having your throat fucked and master would keep using a huge black dildo and fucking your throat with your head ovwr the bath and ill hold it down and push your head in the bath to make you struggle but ill let you up when im going to shoot and goo on your face and put your dirty g string round your neck and use you while you choke and catch my spit inyour slut mouth and youll be told to get your legs open and lay back for my friends to breeed your juicy white sissy cunt shame you wont get knocked up by my big black dick

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