Sissy Roma

I am Indian cross-dresser from Mumbai. Actively looking for someone who is strong enough to control me and my sex life by keeping me in a 24/7 chastity cage and make me a cock sucking sissy whore. I love to be treated like a filthy cock sucking slut. The thought of being groped and molested in public makes my limp sissy clitty tingle in its chastity cage. Looking to meet a daddy who will pop my virgin ass and cum deep inside me filling me up with warm cum.

Share and use my photos and expose this CD whore. I love BDSM, looking for someone to control me with my chastity cage. Make me wear it 24/7/. I love to suck cocks. I would love to live as a permanent sissy whore with someone in Mumbai. 

Name: Sissy Roma 
Age: 32
Location: India, Mumabai
Reddit: Iamsissyroma
Telegram: SissyRoma
Tumblr: Iamsissyroma
Blogger: Iamsissyroma
Flickr: SissyRoma
Fetlife: SissyRoma
Twitter: @iamsissyroma

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