Tammy Tegun

Hi, I’m Tammy, I’m a sissy faggot goth slut. I live to suck cock and have my big round ass pussy pounded by huge dicks bareback until I’ve drained your balls and your cum is deep in me. Having huge butt plugs and dildos forced in my faggot hole is one of my favourite things too and being fisted makes my tiny clit leak so much. Sucking and deep throating cocks is my favourite hobby though, it’s the only thing I’m good at lol. I’m so pathetic, just grab me by the hair and throat fuck me until I pass out and keep using and abusing me like a sex doll. 

I’m the property of Mistress Morningstar who is the key holder to my tiny, pathetic locked up clit. I love exposure, so please save my photos and do with them what you like. Print them out and wank over them, put them in public places, share them all over the web too. I crave exposure, I’m such a fag he he. Love Tammy xxx

Name: Tammy Tegun
Age: 38
Location: Maidstone UK
Twitter: @TammyTegun
OnlyFans: @TammyTegun
Facebook: TammyTegun
Instagram: Tammy.Tegun

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