Sheri Dee

Sheri has been a sissy slut faggot since he was 25, when turned out by his Mistress. Sheri has come a long way and has contracted with two new owners to make her the best slut and BBC whore, she can be. This includes whoring out at glory holes, gay bars, gay resorts, porn shops, Grindr and fetlife. She recently fucked close to 50 men in one weekend at the Parliament Resort in Georgia, pics are on her twitter. All your help is needed to spread and share this slut and encourage other Dommes, Mistresses, sissies, etc to do the same. Yes this slut will tribute too, but is only allowed to tribute other Dommes and Mistresses. Let’s ruin this sluts hole and all enjoy her.

Name: Sheri Dee
Age: 38
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
Xvideos: Seamus Dillon
Twitter: @sheribtm


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